Barth Hot Springs

After getting thoroughly drenched from Black Creek rapids, the sandy white beach below Barth Hot Springs is a welcome sight. We pull our boats over, stepping onto the warm, soft sand. A narrow trail leads up a steep hill to another historical and incredible spot on the river. Another example of Mother Nature and all […]

Black Creek Rapid

The beautiful thing about floating down a river — any naturally flowing river (and there aren’t many of them) is how very alive they are. Water is the lifeblood of all living things and the Salmon river is the arteries that carry the lifeblood of the Frank Church River of No Return. It is the pulse […]

Devil’s Toe Pictographs

Drifting down the Main Salmon can feel like drifting through time. The deeper into the Frank Church Wilderness you float, the farther back in time you go. Back before screens dominated our world. Before phones connected and disconnected us. Before cars sped us up and spread us out. Before men made clusters of permanent structures. […]

The Chamberlain Basin

[Thank you to Erin Stoddart and the Unviersity of Idaho Library for images and information regarding the Chamberlain Basin] _ Fifteen miles below the Corn Creek boater put in, Chamberlain Creek enters wide and splashing into the main stem of the Salmon River. Our boats bump into the small eddy at the inlet and we […]