The Salmon River has earned a reputation as a premier wilderness whitewater trip for families due to the nature of the river’s flow, its huge sandy beaches and friendly whitewater options that run like a big rollercoaster leaving everyone whooping and hollering for more.  Between rapids the Salmon is filled with peaceful, deep, green pools perfect for swimming and splashing or just floating alongside the boat in perfect tranquility.

June and early July are defined by higher water flows and attract the more adventuresome groups. While still offering a variety of whitewater options that promise a perfect trip for all levels of interest and experience, these months offer a bit more adventure due to its higher water levels.

In July and August water levels typically drop and conditions become perfect for younger families and multi-generational groups.  As water and air temps warm, this time of year surrounds river runners with a sublime sense of comfort and good times yet the ability to choose your own level of adventure continues to deliver.

Adding to the ideal nature of the Salmon as a family friendly trip, are the Salmon River’s beaches.  Midday breaks and overnight camping occurs on massive sand bars that beg for tossing a Frisbee, flying a kite, kicking the soccer ball or organizing a game of touch football.  Sit with your feet buried in the warm sand as the sun sets and camp fires get rolling, and night after night your family will understand what makes this a trip of a lifetime.